Although it was initially from Galicia, or the neighboring region of Leon in Spain, pulpo A Feira is a Brazilian version.
It is also known as pulpo a gallega in Galician.
It is trendy in Spain. It is typically served on wooden plates with caches.
Potatoes that have been boiled in embers and roasted with their skins on. Frozen Octopus is excellent because it freezes and tenderizes otherwise very hardy fish.
It would help if you avoided tough meats, so I recommend using them here. You can also use a fresh cut if you prefer.
You will need to follow the almost tribal tradition of beating the octopus.
To remove its rubbery texture, you can use a rock or a meat mallet on the animal. Another option is To tenderize fresh octopus, freeze it for at least two weeks.
The enormous octopus that is commonly available is approximately three pounds; smaller ones are more common.
They are more tender than the others, but they aren’t suitable for this preparation. The tentacles would be too.
When cut into rings, they are small.

Serves 6


4 quarts of water
6 tablespoons coarse sea Salt
1 frozen octopus, approximately 3 pounds, thawed overnight in a refrigerator
1 lb. new potatoes, boiled in their skins and kept warm
1 cup more virgin oil
2 tablespoons hot paprika


Combine the water with 5 tablespoons of salt in a large stockpot and bring to a boil.
While the water heats, rinse the octopus with cold running water. Using sharp kitchen
Cut the eyes and the mouth with a pair of scissors
Use a long fork to pierce the octopus. Once you have a firm grip, dip the octopus into the boiling water. Lift the octopus out
Dip it immediately. Once the water has returned to boiling, you can drop it again briefly. Continue this process.
Repeat the procedure three to four times until the tentacles are curled. (Boil, the octopus in boiling water.
It can be tenderized with water.
Let the octopus soak in the water. Please bring it to a boil on medium heat for 2 hours or until it is tender.
When pierced with a knife, it is tender.
Turn off the heat. Let the octopus sit in hot water for ten minutes. Take the octopus out of the hot water.
Cut the water into pieces using scissors. The tentacles are cut into rings of 1/2 inch thickness and the
Cut the body into small pieces. Divide the elements of octopus evenly between 6 plates.
Slice the potatoes into half-inch thick slices. Then, surround the octopus pieces with the
potato slices.
Use the olive oil to drizzle the potatoes and octopus with it. Sprinkle with hot paprika.
The rest of the salt can be added to the remaining tablespoon.
Make sure the potatoes and octopus are warm before you serve the dish.


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