Chef Grégoire Berger returns to head Ossiano Dubai


A new chapter has begun at Ossiano, Atlantis, The Palm as the progressive fine dining restaurant sees the return of celebrity chef Gregoire Berger

Ossiano Atlantis The Palm

Ossiano Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm celebrates a new culinary chapter in March, as chef Grégoire Berger returns to the gastronomic destination. Taking over the reins since his departure in January 2021, the renowned culinary genius, accompanied by his talented team, will take guests on a gastronomic journey that pays homage to the riches of the ocean and coastal lands.

Accommodating just 50 guests per night, Ossiano’s nine to 11 wave tasting menu is guided by Berger’s longstanding respect for seasonality, terroir and foraging at sea, with all ingredients sourced from sustainably from the oceans or within 50 km of a coastline.

Ossiano Atlantis The Palm

Diners are swept away as soon as they arrive, with a descent into an underground dining room located 10 meters at the bottom of one of the largest aquariums in the world. With the unique dining environment as his muse, Ossiano transports diners both visually and sensorially to the depths of the ocean.

Ossiano’s debut menu will focus on Berger’s travel and childhood memories, beginning in the oceans of Brittany and traversing several coastal towns around the world.

Diners are encouraged to choose from menu highlights including “Feel the Heat from the West Side,” with a delicate shell of welk on a bed of sand, filled with umami dashi with sourdough and buttermilk. algae; and “Assis sur le quai de la baie” with Brittany crab, flavored kari kid and essence of bouillabaisse. Each wave brings a new dish, with many more ocean-inspired flavors waiting to be discovered.

At 34, Berger has already made waves on the global culinary scene with his avant-garde and unconventional dishes refined with a traditional French technique that has become his signature. Berger is also the youngest and only chef in the country to be in the top 100 Best Chef Awards for five consecutive years. Upon returning to Ossiano, Berger assembled a stellar young team consisting of Chef Aurélien Durand, Berger’s right sous-chef, hailing from the kitchens of Joel Robuchon and Anne Sophie Pic; as well as Hungarian Eszter Palagyi, the youngest Central European female chef to win a Michelin star at the age of 30.

Chef Grégoire Berger says: “We hope to take guests on an immersive and moving journey. This menu combines my passion for sustainably sourcing the best produce from our oceans with my love of storytelling and challenging the senses. Once a guest is seated, I invite them to forget about the outside world and join me on a journey of metanoia, where nothing is as it seems.

Every day from 6 p.m. to midnight. The Ossiano experience includes up to 11 waves for AED 1,095. Visit the website Where instagram.

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