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WHAT RECIPES DO YOU WANT ME TO SHARE? Drop your requests in the comments section below!

Update: Added section with links to Requested recipes that have been published!

Request a recipe - RecipeTin Eats


Here is a list of requested recipes that I have published. These are listed with the most recent recipes posted at the top.

  1. Crumpets!

  2. Milk rice

  3. Josh Rogan

  4. Gourgeres (French cheese balls)

  5. Hot and sour soup

  6. Thai Green Curry – curry “pimped” from a jar AND from scratch!

  7. Profiteroles!

  8. Chocolate mousse

  9. Massaman Curry

  10. biryani

  11. Char Kway Teow (Malaysian noodles)

  12. Sticky Date Pudding (aka Sticky Caramel Pudding)

  13. Japanese cotton cheesecake by my mother, on her site, RecipeTin Japan!

  14. Egg Foo Young

  15. Dal (Indian lentil curry)

  16. Chinese steamed pork buns

  17. Simple Kimchi Recipe by my mother, on her site, RecipeTin Japan!

More soon! Many, many, many more…. –Nagi x

Chinese steamed pork buns freshly made in a bamboo steamer

Ask for a recipe!

I spend an inordinate amount of time deciding which recipes to share.

My biggest problem is that there is so much recipes I want to share, things that make me jiggy because it’s so good but before I rush out to film and photograph the recipe, I stop and think – will my readers be so excited about this?? Are they really going to try this?

It’s always interesting when I post a new recipe to see how many people read it. After 4 years of blogging (that’s average age in Internet terms!), you’d think I’d be able to do things right 100% of the time.

And above all, I can.

I knew you would love Sticky Honey Mustard Drumsticks and go crazy for Pad Thai and Tikka Masala. I didn’t expect you to ask for the quiche Lorraine or the avocado dip, and I guessed right. 🙂

But other times, you surprise me! I didn’t expect such an amazing response to Last Friday’s Homemade Pastrami, or the Garlic Butter Kale Rice to become such a favorite!

Recent Readers' Favorite Recipes - Tikka Masala, Pastrami, Pad Thai

And after all these hours of thinking about what recipes I think you want, I finally got it: Why don’t I interrogate you??


And so, here we are. Finally – because it took me so ridiculously to get here – FINALLY I ask you:

Drop your requests in the comments section below!

Be as specific or as general as you wish. I just ask 2 simple things:

  1. Please do a quick little search to see if I’ve shared it already!

  2. No bananas whatsoever! It’s the only normal thing I can’t stand. Awful, smelly, slimy things they are! ?

{UPDATE: Scroll up for a list of requested recipes I’ve posted!}

Of course, I can’t promise to share all the requested recipes, since I’m only a person who needs to sleep occasionally! But I’ll definitely be sharing the most requested ones, and I’ll be checking back here regularly when planning my recipe calendar.

Request a recipe - RecipeTin Eats


Hairdresser appointments are always extremely productive – I get my highlights done and make recipe videos. Dozer gets her hugs.

Doze the golden retriever at the hairdresser

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